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The keys to lighting your home

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The keys to lighting your home

When we plan our homes, we think about many different features, from flooring and hardware to furniture and wall paint. But to make your living space welcoming, bright and comfortable as well as functional, we often overlook one of the most important details: lighting.

The first thing to understand is that not all lighting is alike. Lighting falls into three distinct types: general, task and accent lighting. Usually, you’ll decide on lighting in this order.

General (or ambient) lighting is the overall way you illuminate the entire space. For this, you’re looking to achieve sufficient brightness. This can come from ceiling lights or wall-mount fixtures. It can also include track lights, pot lights or recessed lighting. Chandeliers, table and floor lamps can also provide ambient lighting. General lighting is also used out-of-doors for visibility and security.


But what if you’re in the kitchen and need to read a cookbook, or you’re in your office space working on your computer? These types of activities require a special type of lighting called task lighting. This style of lighting gives off a stronger light but to a very specific area. Spotlights, pendant lights, undercabinet lighting and desk lamps are all examples of task lights.


Finally, there’s accent lighting, which focuses on a particular point of interest. You might shine accent lighting like a track light or floodlight on a piece of art, a plant or an architectural feature. Accent lighting outside may focus on landscape or a feature of the home. Once you’re clear on the different types, it’s time to choose the lighting that works best with your décor and your own personal style. Lighting options these days are very eclectic, so you have lots to choose from. Some popular looks include:


Simple fixtures with simple designs — think Scandinavian style, often using natural materials or round globes. Retro character lamps that look like collectables from the past (e.g., lava lamps or mid-century modern table lamps). Futuristic lighting in angled shapes and asymmetrical designs; these may be like pieces of art and can be a bit extravagant. Geometric shapes like pentagons, triangles and diamond shape are very trendy. Playful lamps that deliver soft light, colour and a soothing ambiance. Cool metallics like chrome, or warmer brushed metallics like copper, gold, brass and even brushed black — all are very trendy. Here are a few tips for lighting specific rooms:


1. The longer your dining room table, the lower your chandelier — or consider two chandeliers. Remember that LED lighting will make your crystal and silver sparkle.


2. Lighting under kitchen cabinets means your work spaces will be well lit, perfect for food prep.

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