Site Protection

Effective products used for providing protection – Following useful products are generally used for providing Temporary site protection –

Protection of floor

Various protective products including film dispensers, low tack carpet protection films and flame retardant twin shield boards are quite suitable for heavy traffic entrance areas. Likewise effective protection to the floors and other areas can be provided with rubber matting and tack mats etc.

Protection of the stairs

The renovation work may cause heavy damages to the stairs. They can be protected with stairshield, stairtread protectors, carpet protection film, foam post / handrail protection or the floor shield stairtreads.

Door protection

The doors can be protected from any damages by using door frame protection, door sleeves, door cill protectors or full door protection panels. Likewise other products including steel door protection pack and Twin Shield door protection also provide apt protection to the doors that may get damaged due to renovations or other work related with our buildings.

Internal protection

Various valuable belongings of our daily use may also get damaged in considerable manners because of the renovations etc. These items can be protected by using appliance protectors, bubblewrap, corrugated cardboard, building papers, dust sheets or edge guards etc. Likewise insect mesh, furniture protection bags, clock props, zip doors and overshoes/automatic dispensers may also be used for giving due protection to the valuable items that fall victim to damages.

Those in need of temporary protection to various parts of the buildings or their belongings must choose the most reliable companies engaged in this task. Focus may be emphasized on the worth of the companies, their experience, knowledge, customer service, quality of work, type of materials used for protection and other such aspects. Rates for the services of these companies should also be confirmed in advance to avoid any dispute at later stages. Warranty and guarantee of   temporary site protection should be obtained in black and white.

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